About The Pledge

What is this?

This is your written commitment to stop talking, texting or surfing the net while driving.

Why am I being asked to do this?

Studies show that people who explicitly write down their resolutions are far more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t write them down. By taking this pledge to stop distracted driving, you are affirming to yourself that you are indeed making a commitment. We hope you’ll think about this Pledge, and adhere to it, if you’re ever tempted to talk, text or surf the net while driving.

What significance does this Pledge have?

This is just an informal Pledge, with no real consequences for violating it. However, it does represent a promise to yourself that makes good sense to keep. Again, we hope that taking this Pledge will provide you with extra incentive to resist the temptation to use your cell phone while driving. Thank you for caring enough to participate!

Can I download a copy of the Pledge for my kids, classroom, friends or family?

Absolutely! The Distracted Driving Pledge is available for download here. All we ask is that you do not change the document from it’s present form. Thank you.

Distracted Driving Pledge

  • Complete your pledge by submitting your name and email (optional).

    With each pledge a donation will be made by Wetherall Group, Ltd. to the State of Nevada’s Victims of Crime Program in recognition of your pledge.