Have you delivered a child with a birth defect after taking Zofran?

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Wetherall Group, Ltd., a Nevada injury law firm, is currently investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of mothers who were prescribed the anti-nausea medication Zofran (generic name – Ondansetron) during their first trimester of pregnancy and delivered children with birth defects. While Zofran was never tested or approved for use by pregnant women, it is often prescribed off-label for morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum, a serious type of morning sickness that causes severe nausea and weight loss. Now, recent studies have shown that expecting mothers who took Zofran are at a higher risk for delivering children with the following birth defects:.

  • Heart defects, including septal defects or holes in the heart
  • Craniofacial defects, including cleft palates
  • Kidney malformations

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If you or a loved one delivered a child with a birth defect, Zofran (or its generic equivalent) may be to blame. The manufacturer of Zofran, GlaxoSmithKline, has already faced claims and paid fines to the U.S. government arising out of accusations that the company of promoted various medications, including Zofran, for off-label uses (i.e., uses other than the condition for which it was approved by the FDA). However, pregnant women who took Zofran and who delivered children with birth defects were not compensated through the company’s settlement with the government. .

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