Civil Rights Attorney Jacksonville

Civil Rights Attorney Jacksonville

Neil Henrichsen is a leading civil rights attorney in Jacksonville who has represented individuals in civil rights violation cases. Whether you suffered excessive force, unreasonable searches or seizures, or were a victim of abuse by a public official, Employee Legal Protection is here to fight for you. Here are a few ways a civil rights lawyer can help you: 

  • Fight For Justice

Civil rights attorneys fight for justice and equality for their clients. They uphold the rights of men, women, and children from violations of their rights. Our civil rights attorneys also fight for the rights of those abused by law enforcement. Civil rights attorneys represent the parents of students with special needs and those neglected or abused by school staff, fellow students, or third parties. If you or your loved ones battle a civil rights violation situation, working with one of the best civil rights attorneys can help you find justice.

  • Gather Evidence

Civil rights lawyers perform several tasks for their clients, such as researching cases, drafting legal documents, representing clients in court, negotiating settlements, etc. Another critical duty of a civil rights attorney is gathering valuable evidence for your case, interviewing witnesses, and building a robust case on your behalf. They work ardently to help you win your case and help you recover the maximum compensation from the negligent parties.

  • Take The Case To Trial

If you cannot agree with the defendant on a settlement or refuse to settle the matter, a local age discrimination lawyer can take your case to court and handle the trial process. They will file motions during the trial, argue on behalf of the client during court sessions, participate in jury selection, submit new evidence under certain circumstances, and interview witnesses to provide live testimony.

  • Handle Pretrial Stages

An employment discrimination lawyer will take care of the discovery process during the pretrial stages of a lawsuit. They will depose essential witnesses, hire expert witnesses as required, create a discovery plan, serve discovery requests to the opposing party, and file documents with the court.

  • Assess Your Claim’s Worth

A civil rights attorney can evaluate your case details and calculate your claim’s actual worth. As a non-legal person, you may not know the best way to calculate your claim’s value. It is pivotal that you know the precise value of your claim to demand the highest possible compensation from the at-fault party. 

  • Handle Negotiations

You may not find the time to handle negotiations with the defendant’s attorney amidst your busy work schedule and familial commitments. A race discrimination lawyer can handle negotiations on your behalf and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Your search for the best discrimination law firms ends here. We have a  track record of success in past cases. Attorneys at Employee Legal Protection fight for justice and equality for our clients and the well-being of those who suffered civil rights violations from law enforcement. You can contact us at 904-381-8183 to discuss your case.

Civil Rights Attorney Jacksonville


Civil Rights Attorney Jacksonville