Slip And Fall Attorney Houston

Slip And Fall Attorney Houston

If you need a premises liability (slip and fall) attorney in Houston, contact Nech Law Firm. Nech Law Firm has been proudly serving Houston for more than 16 years and counting! If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident at the hands of someone else’s negligence or error, you may be able to recover payment for the damages you’ve incurred.

Contact Nech Law Firm if you would like to speak with an experienced slip and fall attorney in Houston. Nech Law Firm offers free consultations so we can mutually decide if our law firm is right to represent you. We’ll provide you with reliable expert legal insights so you can make an informed decision, and we’ll help you protect your case.

Will I Get Paid if I Slip and Fall in a Public Place?

People often assume that if you slip and fall in a public place, they can instantly sue and recover, but that is not always the case. In order to recover damages from a slip and fall, there are four main things that have to be proven first:

1. Duty

It must be proven that the person or entity that you are suing had a duty to address any hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions. There are almost always a number of parties who could be liable. For example, it could have been a property manager or a company that was hired to maintain the grounds. We must determine clearly who is responsible.

2. Notice

This is a very important part of the process. We must prove that the responsible party knew or should have known of a dangerous or hazardous condition.

3. Dangerous Condition

We must also be able to prove that there was indeed a dangerous condition present when your slip and fall occurred. A minor defect or the normal wear and tear of a property will likely not rise to the level of what is considered a dangerous or hazardous condition.

4. Damages

Obviously, it must be proven that the dangerous condition also caused some kind of damages or injuries that may have occurred. A common mistake that people make is to wait too long to report it, and the link between their damages and the people responsible becomes too difficult to improve.

When to Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney in Houston

The best you thing you can do is to contact a slip and fall attorney in Houston right away following a slip and fall incident. The sooner you call us, the better the likelihood is that we will be able to prove your case in trial or obtain a favorable settlement for you. In the meantime, don’t talk to the at-fault party’s insurance company! They will pretend to be your friend and act as if they care about you, but in the end, their job is to keep their employer from losing money. You can damage your case beyond repair by speaking with the insurance company of the opposing party. Let us speak to the insurance company for you.

Slip And Fall Attorney Houston

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Slip And Fall Attorney Houston

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