Elmiron Lawsuit

Patients taking Elmiron may develop a rare but serious eye disease called retinal maculopathy

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Elmiron Lawsuit

Elmiron® 100 mg capsule
Color:  white
Shape:  oblong
Imprint:  BNP 7600, BNP 7600

Elmiron® Eye Disease Cases:

Recent research has linked the drug, Elmiron®, prescribed to treat interstitial cystitis (IC)/painful bladder, to a unique form of progressive eye disease — typically diagnosed by ophthalmologists as retinal maculopathy, retinal pigmentary endothelium injury (RPE), or age-related macular degeneration. We contend that the manufacturer of Elmiron®, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, was aware or should have been aware of this problem, but failed to warn of this serious and debilitating side-effect.

Wetherall Group Files Elmiron® lawsuits
which meet the following criteria:

1+ years of use + diagnosis of:

Pigmentation Maculopathy;
Pigmentation Macular Degeneration;
Pigmentation Maculitis;
Retinal Maculopathy; or
Dry Macular Degeneration;


4+ years of use + qualifying symptoms:

Difficulty reading;
Difficulty adapting to dim lighting;
Blurred vision (often centrally in the patient’s field of vision);
Dark spots in center of vision;
Straight lines appearing curved or squiggly; and
Muted, less vivid colors

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Elmiron® taken for?

Elmiron® Is commonly prescribed for a condition called Interstitial Cystitis, which mostly afflicts women. Unfortunately, the long-term use of this drug is now known to cause an eye disease called Pigmentary Maculopathy.

How long has Elmiron® been on the market?

On the market since the late 1990s, Elmiron® is the only drug approved to treat pain associated with interstitial cystitis, or IC — a condition that affects millions of Americans each year. IC is more prevalent in women, and many use Elmiron® long term to treat the disease. Unfortunately, what this means is that women who have taken Elmiron® long-term are the population at greatest risk of developing Pigmentary Maculopathy as a result of taking Elmiron®.

Elmiron® lawsuit settlement amounts?

As with most personal injury lawsuits, the potential settlement available to any one Plaintiff can vary widely. Factors that affect case value include:
1) the severity of injury;
2) the age of the Plaintiff;
3) the length of usage of the drug;
4) the presence or absence of other arguable causes of the injury in question; and
5) rulings and results that are occurring in similar cases nationally.

Remember, a contingent fee lawyer is motivated to recover as much money as possible for you, because the larger your settlement, the larger the fee to the lawyer. A contingent fee lawyer works for a percentage of your eventual recovery, typically 40%. That’s a significant fee, but the other side of the coin is, if you recover nothing, you pay nothing.

If you or a loved one have taken Elmiron® and meet the aforementioned criteria, Wetherall Group is an experienced drug litigation law firm that can help you get the compensation you deserve. No recovery, no fee. Please write or call Wetherall Group today to see if you’re entitled to money damages, and let us help you understand your rights.

Peter Wetherall has almost 30 years of federal and state court litigation experience, and has tried over 50 cases to a jury. He has also argued numerous appeals before the Nevada Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.