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Hi, I’m Pete Wetherall. I’m a personal injury trial attorney with over 30 years experience. I’ve tried over 50 cases to a jury in my career, and to put that in context, I’d estimate that 90% of the personal injury “trial attorneys” in this country have tried LESS than 50 cases to a jury. Most of us settle out cases far more often than we try them to verdict.

I’m licensed to practice in both state and federal courts. In addition to my trial court experience, I have extensive appellate court experience, and am licensed to practice before the Nevada Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Back in the late ‘90s, there was a show on TV where a masked magician broke the code of secrecy and shared secrets of some of the greatest magic tricks of our time. It was a fascinating look behind the scenes. My series of videos are not that fascinating, but they may be more valuable to you if you have an ongoing injury case or if you or a loved one ever find yourselves injured due to the negligence of another. 

This series of videos is my attempt to fairly and fully answer the questions that typically go unanswered throughout the course of a client’s relationship with their personal injury attorney. Hence, I’ve titled this: “Breaking the Lawyer’s Code – A Personal Injury Lawyer Reveals All.

In these videos, I’ll have the conversation with you that all personal injury lawyers should have with their clients, but never do. I’m as guilty of that as the next lawyer, but with these videos, I’m hoping to remedy that. And I’ll providing “tips” along the way. Please let me know if I’ve succeeded in answering your questions, what I’ve failed to explain sufficiently, and what other topics you’d like me to address.

Did you know?

Peter Wetherall attained the largest single personal injury verdict ever to be affirmed by the Nevada Supreme Court (and thereafter by the U.S. Supreme Court). See, Wyeth v. Rowatt, et al., 244 P.3d 765 (Nev. 2010), cert. denied, 564 U.S. __, (June 20, 2011).

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